Kinbaku means to bind tightly. In the vernacular it refers to the Japanese style of bondage called Nawa Shibari. Shibari means to tie and nawa means rope. Combined they mean rope bondage.
We have created a ‘Free Zone’ for people who are in love with Kinbaku. A place where the Eu-rope-an rope-loving community has full creative freedom to organise events and workshops that foster the ‘Art of Kinbaku’ and inspire others. All year round we organise different levels of training courses (Level 1 – Level 4) and several times a year we invite experienced professionals from all over the world to share their skills through our @WORK-program.


Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 of January at The Knotty Lounge in Eindhoven.

Exploring the concepts of Heaven, Earth & Humanity


…Kinbaku to be an art form that should be easily accessible for everyone who likes to be involved. People should feel at home at the ‘Lounge’ and feel comfortable at expressing themselves without feeling uncomfortable by harsh scenes or provocative settings. At the same time we want to cherish those who discover their boundaries and find new ways of connecting to the deeper levels of being. We provide space for both and make sure that visitors recognise ‘their’ event where their expectations are managed in a good way.

We do not promote a specific Ryu (the Japanese term for a school, a style, or a system of learning affiliated with a particular instructor or master) but invite everyone who wants to help build this new community in this part of Eu-Rope. We encourage people to share their learnings and respect the learnings of others and open up to learn new things themselves.

Becoming a ‘nawashi’* is not an end-state…it is a lifetime journey of learning, improving and evolving.

*Nawashi are those who have some recognized proficiency in the historic erotic art of kinbaku

We truly believe that Kinbaku is a lot more than just tying people. It is about passion, inspiration, emotion, beauty and fun. The video below by Gorgone and Gestalta is a good example why we are into rope.
The Knotty Lounge is based in the City of Eindhoven the South of The Netherlands and one of the most easy to access places in Europe with it’s own airport (10 mins from The Knotty Lounge), a trainstation on the premisis and several electric buslines departing every 10 minutes in all directions.

Where we are

Torenallee (Apparatenfabriek)

Eindhoven, The Netherlands


You can fly to Eindhoven from almost every major city in Europe (24 countries, 81 destinations). An electric coach (line 401) takes you right to our front door (exit on Ir. Kalffstr.) within 10 minutes. Make sure you buy a ticket at the vending machine or at the bus drivers’.


We advise you to use public transport when you come to The Knotty Lounge. If you really need to travel by car, be aware that the parking regulations are very strict.


The Knotty Lounge is part of a larger network of Kinbaku Lounges- and Salons that promote the art and learning of tying with rope. If you have the opportunity; go and visit them and open up to learn more.


Copenhagen, DK


London, UK


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Rotterdam, NL