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Insights in Rope Quality

When I decided to buy my first set of ropes, I searched the internet, magazines, forums for any qualification that could tell me what kind of rope I'm holding; insights in rope quality. Since the rope for bondage was never intended to tie human bodies, it must have...

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JBO in rope

The second rope set I bought came from a supplier in Europe. After having my partner tied several times with it, she started showing some allergic reactions on her skin. Though I read about it before, I still was not convinced it would be the rope itself causing the...

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Bondage Rope Treatment

When I was ready for my third rope set, I found a new supplier in North America. Well known, some flashy names on his track record and seemingly a high grade Tossa jute with a beautiful reddish color. Not so...When the rope came in it was tough, too tight lay and...

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We Present

Golden Tossa

Our quest for the perfect rope has brought us all over the world. After years of innovation we found the best yarn, cleanest process resulting in a high quality Premium Golden Tossa jute rope. 

This line comes in three sizes – 4.4mm, 5.5mm and 6.6mm – and is the perfect combination for even the most demanding tops and bottoms.


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Rope Basics

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