Rope bondage is made up of many different ties; but the first one anyone should learn is the single column tie. This one tie will form the foundation for everything else you do.

by Jerry

Two column tie (double)

Basically, this tie is for tying any two columns (wrists, ankles, wrist to ankles, thighs, calves, etc) together. Also useful for tying people legs to chair legs.

by ROPEography


The Futumomo is a specific kind of leg tie with spiralling wraps. Usually very aesthetic and pretty, lots of uses abd many different variations. Perfect for self bondage

by KittyRae


Shibari is one of those things that anyone can do and looks very easy but when you try you realize it’s difficult to master. That’s why I’ve created this small video for beginners with some tips that will help you improve your tying process.

by Lara

3 rope takate kote (TK - Boxtie)

The TK is one of the most commonly seen ties in rope bondage performances and in rope bondage erotica. It is easily recognizable by it’s seemingly basic form of tying the arms to the sides of the body with bands of rope above and below the breasts or chest.

by MasterFtt

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