The Knotty Lounge is an open space for rope art. In the ‘Lounge’, many different people come together. As such we ask participants of all events to follow and respect our house rules in order to maintain a safe, respectful, welcoming environment for all.

The Knotty Lounge provides a space for everyone. Any kind of harassment or disrespectful treatment will not be tolerated and will lead to an immediate exclusion from the event and from The Knotty Lounge, without compensation. Harassment includes, but is not limited to, disrespectful mentions of ethnic background, personal beliefs, appearance, sex, gender, sexual orientation, personal choices, intended threat, stalking, non-consensual visual or audio recording, continuous disruption of the training or single scenes of others, non-consensual body contact and other non-consensual sexual devotion. Each tying person is responsible for the person they tie while ropes are on. During the events, we ask for an appropriate noise level. This includes silencing phones. We reserve the right to ask participants to stop any play which we deem dangerous or inappropriate.

DRESSCODE: Our dresscode is casual unless mentioned otherwise. You are free to change clothes once inside the Knotty Lounge.


We ask you to put on some clothes when stepping outside the Knotty Lounge (e.g. when going to the toillets). In this building not everyone is used to naked people running down the hall way. 


We deeply respect our tatami-floor and ask you to do the same. Please take off your shoes when you step on the floor. Please do not take any fluids on the floor and when playing with candles, ask for a cover to put on the floor.


We can only provide a safe ‘playground’ when everyone feels responsible for safe conditions. If you experience any unsafe situations, see broken gear, or experience disrespect for the house rules, please report it to our staff.