Golden Tossa XL Rope kit

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Our golden Tossa jute rope, soft and as smooth as silk, 100% sustainable, eco-friendly and bio-degradable. Think of a full bodied, beautifully structured, golden rope with a distinct, machine-made uniform twist that doesn’t recoil on itself, light and easy to handle.

This rope is best suited for the intermediate and experienced users. It comes in 8 meter lengths (if you prefer other lengths, please drop us an email) and is very lightly treated. No additional treatment needed. However, if you prefer other treatments make sure to follow instructions in the additional info tab.

What is in this kit?
1 x 14 meters ∅5.5mm golden tossa jute
8 x 8 meter ∅5.5mm golden tossa jute
4 x 8 meter ∅6.6mm golden tossa jute
2 x 4 meter ∅5.5mm golden tossa jute
2 x 4 meter ∅4.4mm golden tossa jute

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This rope kit comes with our Golden Tossa rope

  • 100% corchorus olitorius (Tossa)
  • HG-CB (Clean-Batch) Grade 1
  • Single Ply
  • Unique twisted guide core for extra strength
  • Long polished filament
  • 100% JBO free
  • Batched/spun with 3~4% 100% Vitamin A fortified edible soybean oil (Under UNESCO qualification)
  • Coated ~2% 9:50 tapioca starch-water

Additional information

Weight 5 kg

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