5 AUGUST – 2017


Just after posting our first pictures from our venue on different social media, we received a very warm response from an enchanting woman from Hong Kong. What followed was an inspiring conversation about rope and everything connected to it, eventually leading to a possible workshop by her in August. After we met Subay during the Ropework.org-event in Paris, all lights turned ‘green’. This remarkable person with so much experience, a wonderful smile, strong believes and powerful charisma was the perfect expression of the way how we want to develop the Knotty Lounge in the future.

Meet the wonderful Subay

Subay is a Japanese rope bondage artist. She is based in Hong Kong, and frequently tours internationally. Subay’s fascination with shibari involves both the visual form, along with the psychology, eroticism and human connections. To her, rope is a language without words. Communication and connections form the heart of her shibari. Her shibari is feminine, inclusive and intense. It is a journey using rope for two persons to explore and bring themselves to different heights.

Subay has performed throughout Asia including Japan, Philippines, Singapore, Shanghai and Hong Kong. Her work has been featured on major media. In 2015, she founded Kokoro Studio and Hong Kong Shibari Festival. In 2016, she cooperated with Tik Chi to produce the first music video with shibari in Hong Kong.

Since 2012, Subay has been studying shibari with well-respected nawashis in Japan including Yukimura Haruki, Naka Akira, Nawashi Kanna, Kasumi Hourai, Ren Yagami and Osada Steve. With the insights and influence they provide, she created her own unique style with a focus on enhancing the rope bottom’s feelings and emotions.

So what's the story?

Initatially we were inspired by an interview by Zetsu Nawa with Yukimura for Kinbaku Today. In this interview Yukimura explained to Zetsu Nawa the difference between aibunawa, Yukimura’s caressing style, and semenawa, a more intense and often painful form of rope play. In the West, semenawa has been translated as “torture rope” and has a heavy emphasis on pain. Semenawa however is not quite that simple.  It is not just about hurting your partner or even causing pain. It is suffering and endurance for a purpose and as much a mental state as a physical one.  The question we need ask as a top is not just “what is she feeling?” but also “In what state is her mind when she feels it?” So we are continuing this story in Eindhoven. Different characters, different time but with the same intent and power as Yukimura tried to explain. So join us on this journey with Subay!



10:00 – Come in, feel welcome, feel comfortable, chit-chat, store your stuff and get some coffee or tea.


10:30 – Lets talk rope, get to know everyone, their introduction to shibari, their intent and nurture yourself


11:00 – This is what you came for. The workshop by Subay. Read the details below and pick her brains!


17:00 – What have you learned? Did you meet your goals? What are you doing different tomorrow? 18:00 – The Lounge will close down for diner (join us at your own cost)


19:30 – Have fun, apply what you’ve learned, switch-or not-to-switch, mingle and socialize. 23:00 – clean up and close for the day.


We will start with ipponawa (one rope) practice – and here we will introduce you to aibunawa and semenawa –  everyone will try tying with a blindfold – and focus on using the rope to communicate and more importantly converse.

We will talk about the reasons behind the different kinds of suspension as it will help everyone understand how they should tie and what kind of feeling the ties create (instead of just focusing on tying the form)

Understanding and tying the gote from a feeling perspective – again we talk about aibunawa and semenawa – and also we will put some focus on the use of nawajiri, positioning and movement of the body.

Understanding and tying the gote from a feeling perspective – again we talk about aibunawa and semenawa – and also we will put some focus on the use of nawajiri, positioning and movement of the body.

We will move on to do some floor ties for play – and we will introduce ties including the classic open leg and the double leg – and discuss the possibility for exposure, shame, and suffering – and how the body reacts differently

We will go through an open leg and a double leg suspension – and will talk about the “essence”. We will also talk about both the technical and non-technical parts of up line management – using ties like hair, a limb, etc.


  • Knowledge of single column (preferably not only Somerville bowline)
  • Knowledge of any 2 rope gote
  • Basic experience in suspensions
  • An open mind
  • For couples: you should be comfortable with each other – as in being intimate, touching. 
  • For individuals: you should be willing to open up to the one you are tying with.
  • For floor – 6 full lengths / For suspension – 8 full lengths (5-6mm thickness)
  • Safety shears
  • Tenugui/blindfold

*For people who don’t tie or get tied in a gote, it would be good if you already know what works for you – a front hand gote maybe? 

**We also like to know if any participants has any important/serious medical issues that we should know so we can pay more attention to that

***This workshop is not really suitable for people who are into the yoga side of things The style is very much centred around the subtle aspect of eroticism, SM play and intimacy.

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