Our journey to zero impact!

In the history of jute rope production, where it comes from, how it is made and the predominantly agri- and horticultural markets – JBO (Jute batching oil) is of no concern but proves to be carcinogenic (please see the research on our website for detailed information). Looking further down the line the use of cordage with Kinbaku ranged from using obi belts and curtain cords (Tsujimura san) to whatever people could lay their hands on. We have reached an interesting phase in the development of rope bondage where the interest in Kinbaku grows, where markets develop into greater volumes; we feel responsible for creating better possibilities to advance the quality of the products.

We envision a future where anyone involved in Kinbaku can easily access materials that are sourced, produced, shipped and treated in a sustainable way. This means making use of materials that are free from fossil fuels, do not carry any chemical substances that can harm nature (including humans), respect nature and are safe and healthy to use by all

We have only identified the first steps towards this vision of sustainable rope. We are sourcing the highest quality of materials directly from the source. We have selected the best family owned factory in Japan – where we support a small local economy, provide jobs and safeguard production criteria of the highest standards. We have replaced petroleum based batching oil – which is carcinogenic – with organic natural oils, and have created a chain of custody from source to selling that is willing to contribute to creating the highest quality jute for Kinbaku. 

On the quality level, we still see some improvements on transparency of origin but also aim to use superior quality of jute fiber. We see that we also rely on fossil fuels for the transportation of fibers and products to the manufacturing locations and selling points – although we already are looking for the means of transportation with the lowest carbon footprint. We try to reuse packaging materials where we can and are building a user base to share experiences and get feedback to keep improving our products. We have extensive knowledge in rope maintenance and support our vendors to only use organic oils, bees wax and other resources to treat our rope with.

And although we are a long way from where we want to be; our journey has started. And as a Chinese proverb says: The journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step. Join us and tell us what you think would contribute!