Initatially we were inspired by an interview by Zetsu Nawa with Yukimura for Kinbaku Today. In this interview Yukimura explained to Zetsu Nawa the difference between aibunawa, Yukimura’s caressing style, and semenawa, a more intense and often painful form of rope play. In the West, semenawa has been translated as “torture rope” and has a heavy emphasis on pain. Semenawa however is not quite that simple.  It is not just about hurting your partner or even causing pain. It is suffering and endurance for a purpose and as much a mental state as a physical one.  The question we need ask as a top is not just “what is she feeling?” but also “In what state is her mind when she feels it?” So we are continuing this story in Eindhoven. Different characters, different time but with the same intent and power as Yukimura tried to explain. So join us on this journey with Subay!